Storm Drain and Erosion Repair

Naval Base Point Loma, CA

  • Completed: January 2020
  • Project Owner: NAVFAC South West, Naval Base Point Loma
  • Project Type:¬†Grading-Sitework-Civil
  • Value: $1,064,378.48

About this Project

  • Design Build Project Redesign storm drain alignment and elevations.
  • Design rip-rap energy dissipator Clear and Grub approximately .50 acres
  • Placed approximately 2,300 CY of backfill to repair sinkholes.
  • Excavated 260 CY of existing native soil around existing failed storm drain.
  • Demolished, removed, and disposed of 320 LF of damaged portion of existing 12-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe.
  • Removed and replaced 2 concrete catch basins (east side and west side of Cabrillo Memorial Drive) Installed concrete swale to divert stormwater flow to new catch basins.
  • Provided and installed 450 LF of 12-inch diameter storm drainpipe, including bedding and backfill.
  • Provided rough and finish grading. Repaired asphalt surface.
  • Provided permanent erosion control measures including slope control, native vegetation, headwall and riprap.
  • Provided hydroseeding, container planting and 1 year of plant establishment and maintenance.
  • Installed guardrail system at top of slope

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